We see that your company is looking for competency in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence and here is where ELA AS can help you.

We are a team of 4 data professionals based in Oslo and 20+ in Balkan region. We have in our local team a GDPR and PSD2 expert that work closely with Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Science in general. We work full stack, from planning to execution and production, from data integration to data representation, both back-end and front-end. Our work model looks like the image below and we called “the success capsule”.

The model is built to satisfy clients need, to have it locally as much as is needed and the rest can be outsourced to low-cost companies in Western Balkan, but that has proven records of accomplishment working in European and US market. The model as shown in the image is estimated to reduce around 65% of the projects total costs, where in average will be around 460 NOK eks MVA per hour.

The model is adjustable from 0 to 100% locally therefore, it’s up to our clients to decide.

If you are interested to have a conversation and a presentation from our company, we are excited to do so. (example: we can show how we integrated Marathon data at GroupM)